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Our mood lighting ensures you are able to transform your wedding venue function into a beautifully lit environment that is awash with your chosen colours. The uplighters can be set to any colour you require using an RGB selector and this allows us to perfectly match your bridesmaids dresses, or highlight your favourite colour in your bridal bouquet.

We are able to control the lights individually, so you can specify a single colour for your entire reception area, or multiple colours to create a stunning effect. Originally utilised as an extension of our disco service, we are now finding more clients require mood lighting for functions with bands and singers, the uplighters are often combined with our Black LED Backdrop or Fairytale Backdrop, to create a magical effect.

When booked as an addition to our disco service, we give clients the opportunity to change the colours of the lighting throughout the event. For example, a softer, warmer tone can be used to create a romantic mood during your wedding breakfast, whilst bright, disco-esque shades are used later in the evening to highlight the dance floor. Another great way to incorporate up lighting in your reception is to separate the dinner area from the dance floor with different color washes.

There really is no limit to the effects that can be created using multiple lights in different colours. Our lighting can cover the whole function room, or highlight certain features in your function room to give it a sophisticated look.

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We often work at receptions and parties where our uplighters are used to light bar areas, entrances, balconies and passageways.

Marquees are the ideal setting for our LED uplighting, where you can replace standard white halogen lighting, with the rich, vibrant colours produced by our LED uplighters.

With the LED uplighting we can highlight statues or ornaments in the venue by placing an LED uplighter at the base of them. This creates a beautiful focal point and is ideal in venues with ornate decorations and textured walls.

The thing to think about when booking mood lighting is, will the wedding disco transform the entire function room or merely one end of the room? Our disco lighting is great and looks fantastic, but no disco can transform an entire function room and highlight statues, wall paintings and other features. Additional lighting is a great way to further personalise your wedding reception and add your individuality to your day. The lighting extends the effects offered by disco lighting and ensure the whole room (and sometimes additional rooms) are beautifully lit to create a fantastic atmosphere.

To be able to provide you with a quotation for our LED uplighting service we ideally need to know the dimensions of the venue or to see a photo so that we can recommend how many up lighters you will require. As a general rule however, placing an LED uplighter every 3m apart looks great and is a really easy way to work out how many units to hire.
Our lighting units are currently £15 each, please contact us today to find out how we can work with you to transform your wedding reception.

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