Chair Covers: Worth the cost?

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At Harrogate Wedding Hire we were recently approached by a customer who asked about our chair cover hire service. After explaining the cost of the covers and sashes was £2.50 per chair, she exclaimed how expensive that was and how chair covers weren’t worth the money and were a waste of time.

Chair Covers

This led to much discussion in our office about chair covers, the value of using them and led to me writing this post.

The short answer is, as the old saying goes, ‘each to their own’, but lets not stop there. I had never had such a negative response to chair covers and so I thought I would look into this more deeply. My first thoughts were, ‘yes of course they are!’ Chair covers provide an affordable way to cover unsightly chairs and to further enhance already attractive function rooms.


Some venues (White Hart Hotel, Harrogate for example), have such beautiful chairs that there is no need to cover them. Whilst other venues (in my opinion) really benefit from chair covers. The beautiful white lycra covers manage to lighten the room and the sashes bring colour to the environment. We work on weddings for all budgets and I often find that village halls can be totally transformed by chair covers. Those types of venues look unrecognisable with chair covers, table centrepices and some lighting or a backdrop. Indeed, it is working at those kinds of venues that sometimes give us the most satisfaction as you can truly see the transformation and ‘before and after’ effect that has taken place.

In conclusion I would have to say that chair covers offer yet another opportunity to stamp your individuality onto your wedding day. By selecting your favourite colour, or your wedding theme colour for the sashes, brides are saying again, ‘today is an extension of me, I have planned and created today to reflect my personality’. To be able to add another touch of personality to proceedings and to share that with your friends and family is a truly wonderful thing.

So, unfortunately I can’t give a definitive answer! As always, it’s upto you the bride to decide how you would like your venue to look. More importantly, enjoy the process of decorating the room.